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here are a few of the nonprofits we are inspired by


the NAACP is at the forefront of the black lives matter movement to build political power and ensure the wellbeing of communities of color. founded 1909, the NAACP is the nation's first and largest grassroots-based civil rights organization.


harlem school of the arts

Harlem School of the Arts is committed to leveling the playing field by empowering young people from across the multi-cultural and socio-economic spectrum. Of the nearly 4,000 students who participate in our programs, more than 85% are African American or Latino.


sustainable Brooklyn

Sustainable Brooklyn works to bridge gaps between the sustainability movement and targeted communities through education and events. the current landscape of sustainability omits the voices and values of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), perpetuates appropriation, and thrives from a colonial framework. through resources, events, workshops and curriculums, Sustianable Brooklyn provide tools to shift sustainability literacy to encompass cultural existence and celebration, economic liberation, self healing, land sovereignty and community preservation.


Garment workers center

at the GWC workers lead the fight for safe and dignified workplace with fair wages. they build power from the bottom up for social and economic justice. through direct organizing, GWC develops leaders who demand enforcement of strong labor laws and accountability from factory owners, manufacturers, and fashion brands. they center immigrant workers, women of color, and their families who are impacted by exploitation in the fashion industry.


center for domestic peace

Center For Domestic Peace was founded to advocate and support survivors of domestic abuse by providing services, including legal advocacy, emergency shelter, a 24-hour crisis hotline, transitional housing, support groups, prevention programs in schools, and a healthy masculinity program for boys and young men. Luz helps survivors of domestic abuse navigate the legal system. her hope is to give back to her community a little of what she received -- a life free of violence.


karana rising

Karana rising is an innovative space created by survivors to lead and support other survivors through their own recovery journey. lead by an all-survivor team, whose lived-experiences with human trafficking, sexual exploitation and assault and intimate partner violence give unique insights on both what survivors need today and how they can support our communities.


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