this is the year we reimagine what it can mean to care for our whole selves! because after a year of change (a polite way of referring to 2020), we all need (and deserve!) a minute. a chance to recover, so to speak. to rediscover.

    what if...

    ...working out wasn’t going to the gym (which are closed anyway), but going rollerskating? or throwing a frisbee? what if Monday mornings were about quiet cups of tea and foam-rolling, instead of too much coffee and email-answering? what if working from home was a reason to get dressed, and staying in every night was an opportunity to make soup from scratch, or listen to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 at full blast with your eyes closed, or call your best friend and talk on the phone for hours like you used to back in the day? 

    here’s to 2021, a year when the questions — and possibilities — are endless. 


    wake up. stretch. take a deep breath. take a walk. work. make lunch. (like, a really good lunch.) work a little more. stop before the sun sets. have tea. go outside. breathe. start dinner. pour some wine. play some Dave Brubeck. talk about your day. wash the dishes. wash your face. get your book. stretch. drink some cold water. reflect.

    and wear this. 

    10 essential pieces

    work. walk. r&r. wine.


    basics, made (much) better: our super soft, super flattering organic cotton tops are knit from GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled nylon — and made in a small, sustainable factory in Portugal.

    in other words? these are tops that feel as good as your favorite tee, and look a whole lot better.


    this is the Tesla of pants.

    cut from our Italian-made EVOLVE fabric, a performance fiber that breaths and stretches and slims.

    Wrinkle resistant. Machine washable. In other words: No ironing, no dry cleaning.

    with four bonded pockets: two in front, two in back. and a waistband that never pinches.