the mills and factories we work with are committed to reducing the carbon footprint and improving working conditions.  



PEOPLE MATTER: we consistently see the exploitation of cheap labor and the violation of workers’ rights. even worse: the workers are often the ones most affected by all this pollution from the industry. 

 CLEAN AIR MATTERS: with the apparel industry said to account for 10% of global carbon emissions, there is no reason not to go as green as possible. 

 CLEAN WATER MATTERS: around 20% of industrial water pollution in the world comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles.  



this incredible family owned and operated Portuguese factory won us over with their quality and commitment to social, environmental and economic development. since they opened in 1988, the team there has grounded their business in ethical manufacturing and respectful treatment of employees, suppliers and environment. *sigh* we feel so lucky! they make our jet set trouser, orion legging II and the one collection.


this family owned and operated factory in northern Portugal specializes in woven's and has over 30 decades of experience in the textile industry. they make our famous white shirt and our other GOTS certified organic cotton woven's. social responsibility is one of Vermis’s core commitments, they have always prioritized their employees, making sure to have the best working conditions and follow strict labor, health and safety standards. we  were blown away when we visited their factory it is truly state of the art.


based in Portugal and family owned for 47 years. these are the beautiful humans who make our sweater tees. like us they believe in a comprehensive context of sustainability, which is reflected in the way they create and produce products and how they manage the waste generated in their solar powered facility. as stewards to their factory and the surrounding community they have always prioritized fair work practices and safe working conditions. we are truly lucky to have them as partners and friends!


when we met the team at Rofer it was a match made in heaven. dedicated to innovation they are some of our favorite thought partners in design. based in northern Portugal and family owned for 40 years. this brilliant knitwear team makes our essential sweaters & knitted accessories. their dedication manufacturing responsibly, for the environment and people working in their facility, is admirable. from their LED lighting to the high standards they maintain for working spaces and healthy labor truly caught our eye.

THE FACTORY: musleather

this family owned factory makes each beautiful leather piece by hand.  the idea for the factory came about because of the excess waste in the leather industry. they were inspired to find a way to use up some of that leather waste so they began to produce belts. they make our gorgeous vegetable tanned leather accessories. 


based in San Francisco and owned by local Rebecca Cahua, D.A.D. Sewing House is a nonprofit that trains and directly employs people with employment barriers, like homelessness, incarceration or mental health issues in the fashion trade, and looks to preserve the presence of domestic apparel manufacturing in the Bay Area.


all of this is to say: we are doing our best to do right by the planet, and the people on it. here’s what is extra-important to us — and the factories we work with.





we are committed to looking at our social and environmental impact on all levels. in addition to our manufacturing partners, the fabrics we choose also help support this initiative.