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The New Rules for Airplane Dressing:Chic, Yet ComfortableLike it or not, the modern travel uniform has become deeply casual. How to hack it so you’re presentable but still feel good.

 — Chloe MalleMarch 14, 2019 3:42 p.m. ET

"A new wave of brands such as Paskho, Époque Évolution and Anatomie are creating clothes for travel that combine the benefits of sportswear—elastic waists, wrinkle-resistant/sweat-wicking/odor-eating fabrics—with neat, stylish cuts."


"This female duo is backing wool as a more eco-friendly material for wardrobes. Perhaps the Allbirds effect?Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco set out to create a clothing line that fits into a backpack, can be worn at all hours of the day comfortably (and suitably), and is made from responsible materials and mills. They’re joining a slew of sustainable fashion entrepreneurs in the quest to clean up fashion.Franco, a yoga teacher, and Taylor, a cycling enthusiast, joke that they “live a 6 am to 11 pm kind of life and needed a wardrobe to could keep with [them].” Not seeing a clothing line on the market that catered to their needs on materials, affordability, style, and performance, they decided to start a new label, époque évolution."

 — Esha Chhabra2019 

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These 19 Brands Make the Best Travel Clothes for Women

Best For Fashion and Function: Époque Évolution: 

"This stylish, minimalist design duo makes merino wool dresses and other items that will take you from sightseeing straight through a night out. " 



Fashion Forward: Epoque Evolution

"Founders of Époque Évolution Bring Classic Style and Ease to Responsible Manufacturing""Époque Évolution was founded to bring premium, low-maintenance, responsibly made essentials to women who love to travel or are simply busy with their daily lives. Through their clothing, Franco and Taylor are allowing women to dress stylishly and comfortably without packing every garment from their closets."

— Lexie Sachs, Good Housekeeping Institute


"I discovered this brand a few years ago—and I've been hooked ever since. Its pieces are made for the comfort of traveling without sacrificing on style. The Jet Set trousers are one of my favorites. They feel and fit comfortably and snug like leggings, but they look like smart trousers—so you can look sharp while staying cozy. They're also wrinkle resistant, which is always handy."

 — Judith Jones2019 


"When I wore the Orion leggings to the office—because yes, I wear these to work—someone stopped to ask me if they were indeed Céline. (Is there a greater compliment you could give a fashion editor?) They’ve come with me to yoga and Pilates, on dog walks and road trips, and to professional functions. I’ve worn them with Birkenstocks, sneakers, kitten heels…any shoe, really, because the slit is great for showing off your footwear. 

For me, these leggings aren’t an afterthought, or a lazy-day outfit solution—they’re my new go-to bottoms, for any and every scenario. I’ve turned two other editors onto them: Both are new moms who were looking for pants that looked chic but would also allow them to keep up with their kids. Between the three of us, we’ve really put them to the test. Our conclusion? These are truly the ultimate black leggings." 

— Amy Hou, Glamour


Yes, this shirt helps me avoid looking like a sweaty mess, but it also just helps me look generally chic. It’s slightly boxy with slits on the side, and literally goes with everything. In the two months I’ve owned it, I’ve worn it with a denim skirt and sandals, a pair of bike shorts and heels (and a cool knotted headband, of course), and tied in the front over a bathing suit. It’s made its appearance everywhere from my office to dates to the beach, and has somehow looked appropriate in all three locales.

 — Zoe Weiner, 2019 


"Époque Évolution focuses on reducing its carbon footprint by choosing organic, sustainable, upcycled fibres, as well as dead-stock and post-consumer waste. It then follows the best milling practices. The fabrics chosen in the Époque Évolution collections don’t require dry cleaning, so you can continue to practice sustainability while caring for your wardrobe."

 — Sarah Mariotti2019 


"Founded by two women wanting to pack efficiently and stylishly after doing the opposite, the capsule wardrobe doubles as a uniform for both streamlined travel and everyday wear. The perfect black pant is both comfortable enough for a long-haul flight and stylish enough to wear upon landing. I repeat, you can sleep in these pants and wear them upon arrival all day. A dash of first class with an elastic waistband, the hem comes with bar-tack for homemade length adjustments (i.e. you can cut the hem at home and call it done), and, best of all, the trouser is machine washable"

 — Madeline Weinfield2019 


A pair of stretchy trousers that feel like leggings but look like fancy work slacks so you can go from the plane to the board meeting without sacrificing comfort. "I have these and they are out-of-this-world comfortable! I love a pant that's cozy but doesn't look like a pair of sweatpants."

 — Rebecca O’ Connell, 2019 


Epoque Evolution is the new sustainable brand in town changing the name of the sustainable game.

 — Jacqueline Pinedo, 2019 


"The online label consists of a handful of versatile pieces, which are made with sustainable fabrics in non-boring neutral shades and have all the right details. Everything is super chic and super wearable."

 — Gail Goldberg, 2019 


"Organically made, soft, and machine washable, this crisp white shirt is endlessly wearable."

 — Gabrielle Porcaro2019 

Coincide Life

époque is paving the way to a more sustainable future of fashion and activewear with their innovative fabrics and conscious production methods.

 — Courtney Jay, 2019 


The Most Comfortable Pants for Travel (If You Don't Want to Wear Leggings)

"There's a reason this is called the Jet Set trouser. It's made for comfort on that red-eye flight and is perfect for that 9 a.m. meeting after you land. It's wrinkle-resistant, sharp, and super comfortable with a no-pinch waistband. "


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"Founders of Époque Évolution Bring Classic Style and Ease to Responsible Manufacturing"  

"Époque Évolution was founded to bring premium, low-maintenance, responsibly made essentials to women who love to travel or are simply busy with their daily lives. Through their clothing, Franco and Taylor are allowing women to dress stylishly and comfortably without packing every garment from their closets."

— Dorothy Crouch , Apparel News

Good Housekeeping

"When traveling for business, you want professional wear that will look great right out of your carry-on but also easy to care for on the go- introducing Époque Évolution. This label designs pieces that are made for the professional traveler. Made from wool, polyester, and Lycra, this dress combines the wrinkle resistance of wool with the sweat wicking property of polyester plus a bit of stretch from the Lycra. AKA, this dress is designed to be super comfy while traveling and still look crisp and professional all day. We love that it is machine washable too." 

— Emma Seymour, Good Housekeeping


"The brand’s positioning is one of fashion “evolved” that is also for “real life” and for “everywhere and everything,” the founders said. Epoque Evolution “believes in experiences first, and that life is too short and good and full of wild potential to worry about what to wear.” The company’s ethos is anchored by “the power of effortless, impeccable style.” Meaning the founders “design what is essential: well-edited, versatile pieces to take you from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., from the plane to Pilates, to the workspace to rosé after, from spring to summer to fall." 



“Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco believe it "is crucial in the world of retail to have a physical presence at all times." They find retail locations and use events as an opportunity to meet and learn from our customers by delivering an experiential or educational focus (as opposed to strictly selling). That the way founders are gathering information as well as creating a connection with their brand's consumer." — FORBES

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"During November, I challenged myself to only wear eleven items (including shoes) as a way to foster simplicity and contentment in a month that can be prone to becoming a bit chaotic.To be honest, the whole challenge felt rather anticlimactic once it was done. I didn’t feel deprived or bored in the slightest."



"Since then, I had done my fair share of research into the eco-friendly segment of the fashion industry, but what made me do a double-take with époque évolution was their vision for creating their new line: experiences first. “Living your life, not shopping or packing for it” means that “style doesn’t need to be precious, or dry-clean only, or exclusive, or uncomfortable, or destructive. ”Their translation of that vision manifested into a line of workout/ work/ nightlife/ travel/ swim-ready apparel for every career woman on-the-go. Okay, I get the first four options, but swim-ready?! I hadn’t heard of that before. Not to mention their method of only using sustainable, organic, up-cycled, deadstock and post-consumer waste recycled fibers when available, and working solely with mills that are committed to best practices and reducing the collective carbon footprint. *snap snap snap*" — ERIN FRED



"This past Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a small influencer gathering to celebrate mindfulness in the fashion, beauty and health industry. The event took place at Summerland Salon and Spa, where a group of powerful women came together to explore the new collection by époque évolution, a clothing company that is setting a new standard for change in the fashion industry. While traveling on a trip to Morocco, the designers, Hannah Franco and Nancy Taylor put their heads together and came up with a brilliant clothing company that is now Epoque Evolution. They specialize in sustainable wardrobe pieces that make dressing simple for any girl on the go. This brand has a "corporate meets yoga" aesthetic with their attire. Their versatile outfits are acceptable for the office and everyday dwellings like working out, running errands, nights out on the town...any occasion, you name it! These clothes will take you there." — KARA 



"I knew this splurge would be worth it, since it's really a three-in-one deal, and the Flux Top ($148) hasn't disappointed. It's an elegant crop top that pair flawlessly with high-waisted pants, but for me it's mostly a ridiculously comfy sports bra that doubles as a bikini top. Yep. It's wicking fabric makes for one fast-drying swimsuit top that provides ample coverage and support for workouts, too. It's performed beautifully in yoga flow (think lots of jumping back into Chaturanga), mega Reformer sessions, and vigorous studio cycling classes. And the open back and straps look so cool when worn under a flowy tank top with cutouts. Since it's so multifunctioning, I have found it's perfect for travel." — Susi May, senior content director


"Women entrepreneurs are leading the sustainability charge but many of them feel isolated and are juggling family and kids on top of a full-time business. That’s where organizations like Fashion Revolution and Cradle to Cradle come in. They provide a centralized hub of information and community for sustainable business owners like Nancy Taylor of Epoque Evolution, a beautiful modern line that blends sport with effortlessly clean, classic style are a perfect example of companies that need the manufacturing and certification support of organizations like and Fashion Revolution."  — FORBES


"What started as a discussion about their ambitions — namely their combined passion for better, more responsible women’s garments that could stand up to the trials of the modern woman, became the brand known as époque évolution. We sat down with these founders to discuss what it was like starting over from scratch, what influences them, and how they are building their brand into a household name." — BACKBONE PLM

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“We’re designing to support women on the path to evolving” – Hannah Franco and Nancy Taylor, Founders of époque évolution

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