we know you have other things to do, so we designed époque évolution with care top of mind. each item may require different care. so refer to the care label attached to your garment for instructions to maintain the quality of your item. a few fun facts before we get started:


a lot of fabrics can be steamed or ironed on a low setting, but we recommend you test a small area first. use a dry iron on low for anything structured like a blazer or jacket — do not steam as it may affect the shape. if a fabric is shiny or has embellishments, do not iron.


    wash clothes in the cold water cycle and try to wait until you have a full load of like colors. NO BLEACH! choose a plant-based detergent free of fragrance, optical brighteners, chlorine, and phosphates because all of that stuff is bad for you and the environment. we like the following brands: Seventh Generation, Meyer’s, Method, or Earth Friendly Products. cool Iron if needed, don't tumble dry, hang or lay flat to dry.


    fill a sink with cold water. NO BLEACH! add a tablespoon of delicate soap. when finished washing drain and refill the sink with clean, cold water. rinse your garment by swishing it around once more, and then gently press it to remove excess water. be careful to not wring which can distort its shape. reshape the garment on a dry towel. roll up the towel, pressing as you go, to extract as much water as possible. finally, reshape the garment, and lay it flat on a drying rack or on a fresh towel to air dry.


for so many reasons we don't want you to have to dry clean your époque évolution items. the only items in the collection that will need dry cleaning are a few of our artisan pieces, nothing in our regular collection. and in that case stay clear of dry cleaners that use the chemical Perc which is linked to respiratory issues, birth defects and air pollution. opt for green dry cleaners — a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative. these cleaners often use CO2 or water as the primary solvent, but they have special equipment so it’s not like washing at home. even if your cleaners advertise as "green" or "organic," be sure to ask if they use Perc, hydrocarbons, or D-5 cleaners, and be sure to avoid the toxic stuff. Perc is no perk!

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