we believe in living your life, not shopping or packing for it. we believe that style doesn’t need to be precious, or dry-clean only, or exclusive, or uncomfortable, or destructive. we believe in quality over quantity. we believe that we can look good and feel good and do good. and we believe in one wardrobe doing it all.


we choose sustainable, organic, upcycled, deadstock and post-consumer waste recycled fibers when available. we work with mills that are committed to best practices and reducing the collective carbon footprint. we pick fabrics for our core collection that don’t require dry cleaning or other toxic care.


after years of designing clothes and dressing women, Nancy Taylor saw a real need to change the way things are done in the fashion industry. “i knew there was a better way,” she says. “it's all about choices: better materials, better partners. i didn't want to look back and regret not trying.”

and so, with that in mind, she launched époque évolution in 2018. “we’re the intersection of fashion and function,” she says. “proof positive that you can be fashionable in a way that functions in your real life.”


change is a process. we probably won’t be able to change everything we want to change, and we’ll definitely screw some things up along the way. but we won’t stop trying to get it right. we’ll be honest about this process and our efforts with you — because we all learn from each other.

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